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For over a decade, VSI has been protecting mission critical assets in the harshest of environments, mining operations.  Thousands of haul trucks around the world are protected by VSI's Oil Advantage.  Our equipment stands up to the abuse of some of the most demanding work conditions to be found, all while protecting you from water and coolant leaks and overheating, and at the same time allowing you to extend oil change intervals, keeping your downtime to a minimum.



Wind turbine gearbox failures are costly and increasingly common as the installed base ages..  Degraded and contaminated oils accelerate and in some cases outright cause such failures.  Timely, regular sample based monitoring of gearbox oil is logistically challenging and expensive.  VSI's Oil Advantage offers the perfect solution - continuous, real-time, remote monitoring.  No need to visit the site, pull samples, or wait for lab results.  Know your oil condition 24/7.



Stationary power is mission critical for hospitals, campuses and other large scale facilities which cannot afford to go dark.  Generators may sit unused for years until needed, but when they are, it may be a matter of life and death.  Don't risk degraded oil threatening the reliability of your back up system.  VSI's Oil Advantage continuously monitors the oil in your generators, ensuring that when you need back up power, you can count on it.  Get the VSI OIL ADVANTAGE!  



Heavy duty, harsh environments, mission critical applications.  These vehicles face the most demanding of conditions.  They require a system as tough as they are to monitor and protect their engine and transmission oils.  Meet VSI's Oil Advantage.  It's built to handle anything you can throw at it - crush-proof, cut-proof cables, solid 300 series stainless steel fittings, and IP67 waterproof connections.  You can run it over or hit it with a firehose.  It won't fail!